Hatcher+ partners Funderbeam to launch blockchain-based startup listings

Kaidi Ruusalepp, CEO and Founder of FunderBeam. Credit: Funderbeam

Singapore-based Hatcher+, a venture investment platform, has partnered with Funderbeam to enable shares in its individual portfolio companies to be listed on the latter’s blockchain-based exchange.

Both Hatcher+ and Funderbeam recently raised funding from Mistletoe, an internationally-focused startup ecosystem development platform created by billionaire investor Taizo Son.

In a statement, John Sharp, Co-Founder of Hatcher, commented: “We are looking forward to being able to offer our investors and entrepreneurs this exciting opportunity to invest in the future growth of Hatcher+ and its portfolio companies.The structure we are building with Funderbeam should provide investors with powerful options with respect to liquidity, on a technically-robust, proven platform, using a future-proof strategy built on modern technologies and regulatory structures.”

Hatcher+, founded in 2016, uses AI and machine learning technologies to select early-stage venture investment opportunities in partnership with an international network of accelerators and investor groups. It aims to invest $125 million in startup ventures over the next three years.

Funderbeam, which was established as an early-stage investment platform in 2013, is looking to establish itself in Asia. In an interview with this portal earlier, its CEO and founder Kaidi Ruusalepp had indicated that the firm was looking to partner with investment platforms as part of its expansion into new territories.

She had earlier told DEALSTREETASIA: “2017 has shown tremendous growth for Funderbeam, especially in the size of the rounds we have been doing. This is moving us from startups towards more established companies and SMEs. We’ve also more than doubled our number of investors since the beginning of the year and we are working hard to make our platform appealing to the institutional investors.”

In Europe, Funderbeam has partnered with the Zagreb Stock Exchange, allowing it to reach out to startup ventures and SMEs interested in enhancing their liquidity.

With regards to this latest development, Ruusalepp said, “The reason we built Funderbeam was to enable the kind of cross-border trading that Hatcher+ seeks to facilitate for its startups. Our experience working with regulatory regimes around the world and inside leading exchanges such as NASDAQ places us in a strong position to successfully navigate this new territory.”

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