DealStreetAsia Privacy Policy

DealStreetAsia is committed to providing you with news, analysis and knowledge about investments in the South East Asia region. In the process of bringing you the most relevant information, we capture data that will help us serve you better. Our privacy policy below describes the information we collect, how we collect it and how is it used. This policy applies to all DealStreetAsia Pte. Ltd. web properties including our websites, mobile site and app downloads. With the dynamic nature of the internet, we continue to update our policies and advice you to view this page regularly.
If you have more questions concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices please contact us at

Policy Essentials

When you access our web properties, they automatically capture information fields such as domain name, IP address, browser version, operating system and the website or advertisement used to reach this site. If you have registered on our site or subscribed to our newsletter or analytics services, additional data such as your name, email address, phone number, organization location and similar information will be captured so that we can provide you with relevant information through our services.

We utilize the information captured through your site visits and subscriptions to improve our web interface across devices and platforms, provide you with information that you are looking for, customize services you have subscribed to, advice you on account status, share with you any special offers and timelines or contact you for any legal requirement. We may also use the information about your searches and page views within the website to gather data about regions, countries or enterprises gaining interest and use this for analytics and database ratings.

We may share subscriber data from time to time to allow reputable companies, whose solutions may interest you. If you do not want your information to be shared, you can inform us by e-mailing

In some cases, we may be legally bound to disclose information about you relevant government authorities or agencies if it is necessary to comply with local regulations or internet policies and practices. In the event of a merger or acquisition of DealStreetAsia, we hold the right to transfer all information collected about you with the new controlling entity.

Cookie policy – When you access our website, a “cookie” in placed on your device’s browser which tracks and gathers basic data to monitor your interest in the website. The data can also be used to gather traffic patterns to assist us in better designing and packaging information for your consumption. Cookies can be removed from your computer if you clear the cache memory but this will impact all cookies enabled in your device memory.

Our privacy policy does not extend to advertisers using our website to reach you. Advertisers may also have their own cookie policy which is not controlled or monitored by us. DealStreetAsia is not responsible for advertiser content and data gathering and recommend using your own judgment when accessing advertising content.

We do our best to secure the information collected by us. However no security system is impenetrable. While we take reasonable care to ensure data integrity, we cannot guarantee that the information provided by you may not be captured over the internet by external parties or by allegedly accessing our systems.


This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time at the discretion of DealStreetAsia Pte. Ltd.